100,000! Thank you to our top classifiers

Plankton Portal reached 100,000 classifications on Friday! In honor of our 100,000th classification, we’d like to publicly thank our top classifiers since our launch.

Solmaris rhodoloma, our Plankton Portal mascot

Solmaris rhodoloma, our Plankton Portal mascot

The top ten are (drumroll please):

1. yshish
2. lynb
3. elizabeth
4. Ingolme
5. KarenLK
6. localwormguy
7. cnorvalk
8. charcinders
9. VBear
10. Collodaria

The next ten classifiers are:
Lounalune, darylh69, mlmuniz, shocko61, SandersClan, jim24, Sheepdog, Steve3455, tadaemdg, and csams

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us reach 100,000 + classifications!

The Plankton Portal Science Team